Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Diary Post #97. Happy Birthday Jack Sparrow.

Dear Diary... 

Today is the BITH-day of my loving & loyal fur baby Mister Captain Jack Sparrow. 
He means  so much to me & he is definetely a big part of our little family. he really is my best friend, when I am feeling crappy he always comes for cuddles, & I love his cuddles. I have had my little guy since he was 11 weeks old & today he turns 3 years old! 

I love you lots my beautiful boy. <3

Monday, 18 May 2015

Diary post #96. - Shunt Problems..... AGAIN. :(

Dear Diary... 

Today has been a total headache of a day. Quite literally.

This morning I had to go back to hospital & have my shunts checked over due to the constant headaches, nausea & dizzy spells that I have been having since my last lot of surgery in Feburary.

I spent the morning having bloods done, a ct scan & xrays to find out whats going on. thankfully, the positive is that all the tests came back clear today, but because of all the symptoms I am having I am being monitored & I have to go back to hospital again next Wednesday at 9am to have the tests repeated, as they think all of this could be the start to a shunt blockage. (great) I was also told that I need to pack a bag - just in case I need to have surgery again.

Thankfully, I got to come home this afternoon to my husband & children, as nothing more can be done today, but I have however spent the afternoon in bed with a stonking headache! this evening i've had a shower & I have also tried to eat some tea, even though my apetite seems to have completely disappeared :( - another symptom. 

I am really hoping that my shunts haven't begun to block again, I like to think that I can be a strong person when I really need to be, but I am not sure that I could go through more brain surgery again, the thought is terrifying. & whats even more important, MY HAIR HAS ONLY JUST GROWN BACK. no joke of a lie, I truly am bricking it. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Diary Post #95. PROUD MUMMY..xo

Dear Diary... 

Today we decided to have a family day, so we headed into town to do some shopping, have some lunch & just simply spend some time out of the house as a family. I haven't been getting out of the house much just recently due to being plagued with migraines & headaches after my surgery, so I have been suffering with some serious cabin fever & my mood has been so very much up & down. 

so today I decided enough was enough & I wanted to get out.. so like I say, we went into town, browsed in a few shops (game shops for Joel & Neil) & then we had some lunch. afterwards we took Joel to go on the bouncy castles that were in the center of town, & he very much enjoyed himself. He completely smashed his fear of the bouncy castle slides today, it took some pursuading to get him up there first time round, but once he got to the top with mine & the bouncy castle guys encouragement he was chuffed to bits.. the smile on his face as he came down was truly preiceless. He then spent a good 45 minutes going up & down the slide all on his own.. he was loving every second of it, god bless him & I am very proud of him for finally getting the courage & doing it. 

here is a picture of my brave boy coming down the slide & having a total blast. 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Diary Post #94. Haters are going to hate.. & i'm the better person.

Dear Diary... 

I was born at 27 weeks gestation, I have not just one now, but TWO VP shunts in my skull that are both in full working order after I needed life saving brain & stomach surgery four times in January 2015. I also live with servere bronchitis lung disease throughout both of my lungs due to me being born so early, & on top of that, I have been battling & learning to live with manic depression & anxiety for the last 9 years of my life. 

so to all haters reading this, please, GROW UP! 
throw at me whatever you must to help your ego feel better because at the end of the day, you are only defining YOURSELF. all my life I have fought to be here, & everyday I continue to do so because I am a STRONG individual who can't be brought down by the small minded keyboard warriors of the internet. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My Beautiful Boy is Growing Up.

When you find out that you're pregnant, the nine months waiting to meet your baby seems to drag! & then when your baby finally arrives, time just seems to disappear in the blink of an eye. I can't believe that in 3 months time, my baby boy Joel will be leaving the nursery that he has benn going to since he was 16 months old, ready for him starting his new journey in big boy school & starting reception in September. 

The staff at The Grange Nursery are amazing & I cannot thank them enough for helping Joel bloom into the confident & cheeky little lad that he has become. & most importantly, I cannot thank his Keyworker enough for helping Joel along when it came to his speech, we can't bloody shut the boy up now! He will still see most of the staff at the nursery, as his sister currently goes there one afternoon a week (soon to be 2 afternoons in September) so he will be collected from school & taken to the nursery until 6pm! Felicity will also stay on at The Grange until it is her time to start reception in a few years time, something that I do not yet want to even think about, because then I will cry. ;) 

Treasure every last moment with your children, because before you know it, they've grown up before your very eyes. 

Diary Post #93 - Giveaway WIN with Parental Journey.

Dear Diary.. 

A number of weeks ago I entered a giveway with Marina on her blog - Parental Journey

I didn't for one second think that I would win, so a week or so later when she messaged me telling me that I had won a $20 voucher to spend I was rather chuffed.. 

Here is what I picked out for my little girl with my winnings. Two beautiful headbands.. 
they're a little big at the moment as Felicity has a really small head, but they still look totally cute on her.. 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Marina for letting me join in with the fun.

You can check out Marina's blog here  
& don't forget to share the love on her Facebook page here

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Diary Post #92. - Bank Holiday Monday Sunshine..

Dear Diary.. 

On Bank Holiday Monday I spent the afternoon with my amazing little family & it was lovely... we went on a nice long walk in the sun just me, the hubs, our children & his mum & dad & their doggies! It was definetely something that I needed, I have been suffering from a little bit of cabin fever just recently due to being in the house all of the time so I needed to get out & blow them cobwebs away. 

We took Joel & Felicity to the park, & Felicity loved the swings, meanwhile Joel was running around with his nanna & Neil was gabbing with his dad & keeping the dogs company.. i've never seen my babies have so much fun. Altogether we spent three hours out walking, & it was so refreshing.. I forgot about everything, & my mood was amazing when when we got back home - as well as me having really sore feet. 

when you have a low mood, do something about it, dance, go for a walk, do some house work, SING!! don't dwell & sit thinking about things because talking from past experiences, it doesn't help.. not in the slightest. 

Here is a picture of our afternoon.. :) 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Diary Post #90. - Finally getting the chance to meet Stephany & Sofia.

Dear Diary.. 

On 15th April 2015 whilst I was in Cumbria seeing my family I met up with someone who I have been talking with over Facebook. We have been through alot over the past year & a half due to other "so called friends" playing Chinese whispers & my opinion of her was also influenced by others, but after I finally sacked off certain people & actually got to know Stephany for myself I learnt that we actually have a lot in common & we have become really close friends.

Stephany has two beautiful children, Lucian & Sofia, & when I met up with her, I also got the pleasure of meeting Sofia too, she was totally cute & her & Felicity got on great. She drove through from Windermere to Barrow in Furness & collected me from my sisters house & we went to The Owl & The Pussycat for Lunch & then we took the girls into soft play for an hour. it was so cute watching them interact with each other & it was also amazing finally getting to chat with Stephany in the flesh, I instantly clicked with her & we got on great, you know when you meet someone & you just instantly feel comfortable around them? well this is exactly how I felt around Stephany.. I was really nervous about meeting her incase she didnt like me, but we had a great time. 

I reckon that I have definetely found a friend for life in Stephany & I am so excited about seeing her again the next time that I am home in July/August time.