Sunday, 16 October 2016

Coincidence, or a plan?

Dear Diary.. 

Have you ever sat & thought about the "coincidences" in your life? 

Get this.. 
I was born in Barrow in Furness, I got transferred to Leeds General Infirmary to have my shunt put in place just 24 hours after birth, & then spent 7 months in that hospital, & my entire childhood travelling backward & forwards between Barrow & Leeds with my mum for appointments & surgeries. 

& if that isn't crazy enough, when I turned 17 I met the man of my dreams who, LIVED IN LEEDS! so I then spent 1.5 years travelling backward & forward between Barrow & Leeds to be with him, before I up-sticks & moved to Leeds in July 2007.

& now, if anything ever goes wrong with me - yep, I sound like a machine! my mum doesn't worry, well obviously she worries but in a sense she doesn't because she knows that I always end up in Leeds General Infirmary where I spent my childhood! - it's crazy to think I have literally walked them hospital corridors since I was a child & never before thought anything about it.   

in 2010 & 2014, I also brought both of my children into the world at Leeds General, & when I had Joel & was on the transitional ward with him where he was being looked after, the neonatal nurse recognized my name, & it only turned out that she was one of the nurses who looked after me as a child & she was now looking after my child!!! crazy right? Joel then went on to have his CCAM surgery in Leeds, so not only did that hospital save my life, they saved my son's life too. 

I may have been born in Barrow in Furness, but all my life I have been an "on the side" Yorkshire Lass!! I was telling Neil's dad whilst we were at the hospital today that I was brought to Leeds as a baby to have my shunt put in & that I had spent my entire childhood in & out of this hospital & he couldn't believe it!! 

He just said that it's fate I ended up living in Leeds & that someone up there obviously wanted me & Neil to be together in Leeds, so that him & his family could look after me, when my mum couldn't. 

which for the record, they do a great job! :) 

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