Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Safe to say my babies had an amazing evening Trick or Treating in the neighborhood gathering sweeties & goodies in their little buckets! some people might believe that Trick or Treating is seen as begging, but do you know what? I think that is an absolute pile of shite, for one, if it was seen as "begging" then why do people purposely go out & buy sweets in for children who knock at their door? if you don't want to partake in this one evening in the whole year that is seen as a "Bit Of Fun" for kids to dress up, & go out collecting sweets for them to then gorge themselves sick on over the next few days, then switch off your lights, go out for the evening, just don't damper the spirits of those just trying to have a little fun for the evening. 

I for one, LOVE Halloween! I don't for one second see it as begging & every year I make sure there is goodies in for when little children come to my door dressed up in their adorable/scary outfits, its all part of the fun! my two loved it tonight. we went out at 5pm & came back home at 7pm! a whole 2 hours of walking the streets knocking n doors that had pumpkins displayed or lights on, receiving goodies from each door, & I also made sure they said thank you to every person that gave them something! they loved it, & went to bed two very happy little people that both now have a bucket each full of sweets to scoff over the next week or so! 

my children are 6 years old & 2 years old to see the excitement in their faces when I said this evening "who wants to go trick or treating" will never get old, I don't care what miserable people think.. 

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