Tuesday, 13 December 2016

it's nearly Christmas!

- Dear Diary...

So today we attended Joel's school play... & he did amazing! He was an Angel & he said his lines very clear & I am just so proud. in fact the entire of Year 1 did amazingly! I can't actually believe how fast Christmas has come around this year, I am so proud of how well Joel is doing in school, he's growing up so fast & sometimes I am afraid to blink. 

it's not just him though, even Felicity is growing up faster than I want her too. She is talking in full sentences now, she definitely has her own mind & she knows exactly what she wants. We had a stop off at a little Cafe this morning for a mince pie & a cup of tea before heading back to school for Joel's play & the women that was working was besotted with her, as we were clering up to leave Felicity was picking up the cups & little plates & taking them to the women & she kindly commented us on how well mannered & behaved she was, it's really nice when someone praises your parenting skills!

Roll on Christmas now, I am so excited for it this year, it's going to be great. 

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