Saturday, 10 December 2016

Just a "normal" mum.

- Dear Diary...

It's definetely the little things in life that spur me on to keep going! even when I don't want to anymore... today was one of those days! I woke up his morning really not wanting to get out of bed & face the world, I was in agony after being up from 4am with pain! but I had to get up & "adult" regardless, because my children had a birthday party they had been invited too...

The father of the little boys party we were going to even agreed to collect us, drive us to the party destination & bring us home again - which was really nice of him! so at 10am this morning I headed out to Megaplay with Joel & Felicity for this birthday party, & as much as my stomach was churning from the anxiety of having to be around people that I didn't really know, I had to do this for my children! I wanted them to have a "normal day" & I definitely didn't want them missing out.

& as it goes I had an amazing time with Joel & Felicity! in fact, I was one of the only mums at the party actually charging around like a "fruit loop" with all the kids! I am a total kid myself & an absolute SUCKER for a soft play center. It was so much fun! Joel & Fliss had an amazing afternoon, but I definitely think I had the most fun! ;)

I am totally paying for it this evening though, I can barely move & I am in a lot of pain, but getting to run around with my children, spend time with them & hear them laughing & screaming with delight as I chased them was the best feeling ever today, it's definitely the little things in life that make all the pain & shit worth it. Today for just a few hours, I was a "normal mum" not just a "Spoonie mum" who is always stuck in bed & missing out on her children because of my Chronic condition!

Today I had an amazing day with my babies, & this pain tonight is so worth it. X

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