Sunday, 8 January 2017

My childhood teddy..

Dear Diary..
My mum bought me a teddy when I was a child, we were in Leeds General Infirmary after one of my brain surgeries, my mum never had much money but she liked to give us what she could, & when I saw this teddy & she told me she couldn't afford it, apparently I broke my heart all the way back to the ward.. so once she had settled me down for a sleep she snooped off to the shop & bought me that teddy. I named him Brunty. I even had the ward place a hospital band around his neck with his name on & the date I got him. I loved him so much! then a few years later I was vising my sperm-donor's house (my birth dad) for the weekend, & when it came to coming home I accidentally forgot Brunty & left him there... so when it came to going back there 2 weeks later, I ran straight up the stairs to get him & I walked into one of my step-sisters bedrooms to find that their mum had put Brunty in the middle of their cuddly toys & took his tag off, & when I tried to tell my dad it was Brunty his wife lied through her teeth & claimed it to be one of her daughters, & he believed her, over me!
He knew how much I loved that teddy, I was 10 years old & his wife took my best friend away from me! my best friend who had been through all my surgeries with me, & was always there to comfort me when nobody else could! after that I didn't want to go to his house anymore, & a months after that, he cut all ties with us & stopped seeing us all together, I never did get Brunty back
A few months past & I was trying to carry on without Brunty, I was so lost. then one afternoon I was browsing through the Argos catalog & looking for stuff I wanted for Christmas & that's when I saw him... a new teddy, he was awesome! I can still remember the very moment I saw him & how much I wanted him! you could place him into different positions & all sorts. my mum being the Christmas crazy lady that she is, just said to me, "wait & see what Santa brings you" I was so excited.
finally Christmas morning came & I raced downstairs to open my presents, but there was no teddy there, I was disheartened but tried to hide my disappointment nevertheless! a few hours later my eldest sister arrived & my mum took me to aside & gave me this extra present & just smiled at me, without any hesitation I riped open the present & there he was... my new teddy! I was so happy that I burst into tears! my mum burst into tears & even my sister shed a few tears!
Fast forward to now & "Snuggles the Teddy" has been with me since I was 11 years old, I am going to be 30 this year, which makes Snuggles 18 years old!! he is still very much loved too..
My children adore him! Joel still asks to sleep with him whenever he has a nightmare & my daughter loves to involve him when she is playing with her dollies. he's her "baby" they both know though that Snuggles belongs to Mummy, & even though I allow them to play with him, they have to look after him too. I know this probably sounds crazy, but Snuggles is going to be put in my coffin with me when I die, because I want him to be there comforting me, just one last time.

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