Friday, 14 July 2017

Hemiplegic Migraine

On Wednesday (12th July) I spoke to my doctor due to my migraines & the weakness, pins/needles & pain in my left side getting worse! I told him about going into hospital at the back end of last last year with a suspected stroke & what the stroke team had said to me & without even doubting me, he's looked through the notes & completely agreed with the guy from the stroke team. 

So on Wednesday next week I have to go for a clinical examination with him just so he can confirm it in person, & to also start me on proper medication. but after living the last 1.5 years in HELL, I have FINALLY been diagnosed with a rare condition called "Hemiplegic Migraine" A person with "Hemiplegic Migraine" will experience a temporary weakness on one side of their body as part of their migraine attack. This can involve the face, arm or leg & be accompanied by numbness, &/or pins & needles. Hemiplegic Migraine symptoms mimic someone who is having a stroke.. which also explains why the neuro-ward thought i'd had a stroke last year when this all started & I was sent to hospital.. the stroke team who spoke to me at the time mentioned Hemiplegic Migraine but my neurosurgeon didn't follow it up...

This condition explains EVERYTHING!!! it explains why my face & neck goes into spasm, it explains why my migraines can last as long as 12 days, it explains the weakness & the paralysis in the left side of my body, & whats more, I can get treatment, physio & lots of other things to help build me up again! I no longer have to feel like a big fat fake, & a utter fail as a mother & wife.

I will of course keep you all updated on how my appointment goes with my doctor on Wednesday (19th June) 

Thank you for taking the time to stop & read my blog, it is much appreciated. xo  

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